CMS Development

Web Programming is very familiar with current and new technology. We provide complete services to offer you a site that complements other communication channels in a unique national and international market.

Our programmers are developers ready to create

  • online solutions
  • eCommerce websites
  • portals and
  • thematic websites.

We consider that a solution is successful if  people it has been designed for, can use it effectively and intuitively. In order to accomplish that, we use the latest technologies and we offer our partners a wide range of possibilities and page prices.

The development process of a site (no matter its size) involves several steps:

  • Determining the desired functionalities (website specifications)
  • Establishing the connection between the required usability and functionality
  • Developing according to specifications (defined in the contract)
  • Testing the project
  • Completing the Beta version (live test)
  • Launching the site online

CMS Administration

Most of our customers want us to provide site administration. The customer’s possibility to modify the content of the site has many advantages, and CMS is included in 90% of the sites made by 
Content Management 
Our content administration solutions are made according to individual requirements, ensuring almost perfect compatibility.

Online management module (CMS) can have diverse features: from the simple administration of online pages to management modules that can change the entire layout of the page [creating a new web design], working with complex content and having a wide range of sources in diverse formats or languages.

Website administration

  • add content (text and pictures)
  • make newsletter (design, text and images)
  • add news
  • add products