Online shops Web Design

Before the proper design begins, we’re going to meet you to find out details about your business, type of products, sales system and market competitors. As to get the best results, we’ll join our work to create the appropriate online market strategy. 

This is then integrated into each step of creating the virtual shop.

As soon as the homepage is designed, we will sketch the secondary page, where the entire action takes place. This is the most important element of the shop because it is the place where you must "sell" your products, where the product details and the vendor’s details are combined. In order to persuade the consumer to buy, we integrate successful strategies that encourage diverse perspectives. 

Product description
Product description and the high quality image of products play together an important role in product sales because they are the reason why the customer chooses your product (along with a lower price). A clear and detailed description persuades the user that your product is exactly what he or she is looking for. Product description is very important for Google that indexes all the words in the description and improves your position.

The management module
Depending on the type of product you sell online, we can develop a module that will allow you to update product prices and descriptions in your own shop, as you wish. e-commerce solutions can also be integrated with your management systems. These are integrated with CRM systems and databases to provide and update the data that is necessary in your store in real time, without their manual update.

Testing the project
Finally, when your site is ready to be online, we have a department in charge of its testing, independent from the Marketing and Design Department, which will test the site thoroughly before its being published online. 

The testing process includes:

  • compatibility in multiple browsers - ensuring us that your website is visible in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox;
  • tests that check the functionality of the site, of the links;
  • tests that check grammatical mistakes;
  • security tests - making sure that the site is not vulnerable to common security threats.

When the testing process is complete, we will send a full report to inform you about the tests applied on the site. 

The "Shop at first sight” Design Concept 
Intuitive Shopping Facilitation 

The first page (the homepage) represents the shop window and it is the place where potential customers have the opportunity to see your products. We will work together to create a homepage. The products will be placed intuitively to facilitate the customers’ possibility to find what they are looking for. Unlike most web designers, we offer unlimited homepage modifications to ensure you are happy with it.

Product Image
In order to sell the products, the quality and the presentation of products play an important role. We assist you if necessary to ensure the high quality of product images. We use the best technology to enhance the product images online.

The Shopping Cart and Its Integration
The shopping cart is required for all the sites in eCommerce, because this is how the customer can pay in shops with this application. Consider it a shopping voucher. There are several types of shopping carts available to meet your needs.

SEO Optimization
Most of web designers misunderstand things in this field - to optimize your site: to be on top in search engines. As part of our eCommerce solution, we ensure that your site is fully optimized to be on top in search engines. Thus, as your site has already been optimized, you can save additional investments which are normally necessary to start an optimization campaign.

Registration in Search Engines
When your site is online we will enroll it in 100 foreign search engines and directories and in 100 Romanian ones. These links to your website are very necessary for Google, which considers your site to be more important and registers it as one of the first sites. We will finally send a report to all the sites where your site was registered.