Web Site Maintenance

Lots of companies consider the work is over when a site is ready to be posted on the Internet and these companies do not pay importance to its administration and maintenance. This mistake, which is very frequent, leads to a great number of sites which contain old and un-useful information.

So if you want an updated site that shows the right information, we offer maintenance and administration, on a monthly/quarterly membership base subscription:

Daily checking of the functionality of the site

Daily checking of the functionality of links and forms inside site pages

Update/changes of web pages (text, photos, etc)

Insertion of new offers/products/services into the site

Processing photos and other images

Design changes to the site according to new requirements

E-mail accounts configuration

Database administration

Permanent site monitoring

Search engines page rank and results monitoring

Speed optimization for loading the web pages

Changes are made within 24 hours from the moment you posted the request

Editing and sending a periodical newsletter

Weekly statistics regarding the number of visitors and the key words

The subscription fee is flexible and varies according to the frequency of updates and to the changing complexity. In order to find the best solution together for updates/maintenance of your site, please contact us by the following e-mail at:

office@in-picture.com One of our representatives will answer to your e-mail in 24 hours  tops for all the necessary details.