WEB Solutions

WEB Solutions

Every solution that we deliver incorporates the best technology and development processes so that the desired objectives and priorities are met timely and efficiently. Our time tested method ensures that the application we develop will evolve along with the customer's business model.

Our specialists hold university degrees in business administration and computer science. By pairing our skilled staff with the most recent technologies, In-picture.com can create any custom web solution that our customers require.

In-picture.com has extensive experience in a wide variety of domains including B2B, E-Commerce, Direct to Consumer, Professional Associations, Content Management System, Online Portals, Real Estate Web Site, Booking System.

Development Process

Analysis: Understanding client's Business Process, Key Concerns, Priorities, Requirements, & Preferences.

Planning: Tailoring a client specific solution for a successful & long-term outsourcing engagement. After analysis, we build a customer-specific plan for seamless execution.

Pilot: A pilot program helps identify issues & problems prior to the actual deployment. The Pilot program also offers a risk-free trial-period for our clients.

Optimization: Fine-tuning, rectifying and improving the process flow post pilot program to ensure a seamless deployment.

Deployment: Delivering proposed solution with guaranteed service levels & total commitment to quality.

Maintenance: Ensuring a well managed solution with ongoing improvements.