Website Analysis

The success of your business (which is represented on internet by your website) depends directly on the number of visitors, on the extent to which the visitors are turned into clients and the online reputation of your business.

Creating a website is not enough to have a strong presence on the Internet. For your company’s name, products and services to be famous, you need an online campaign to increase visibility on the Internet. Just like in the case of classical marketing, the purpose of web marketing is to make sure that your company’s or your  brand’s message reaches the target customer segment.

Our role is to advise you which are the best solutions to promote the website on the Internet for your company, products or services. We will establish together the best mix for you. We can find ways to promote your company online even in conditions of budget restrictions. At the end of any campaign, when the line is drawn, this makes the difference between a website with a special design but without visitors, and a well designed site, but with many visitors. Along with the designing and permanent maintenance of websites, thepromotion by Internet completes our package of professional services.

Our subscriptions are customizable and they can comprise your exact requirements. The prices start from 100 £ / month. For visible results, a web marketing campaign lasts at least six months. Web marketing subscriptions begin with site analysis and its restructuring if necessary, followed by a continuing campaign which comprises the services in the list below:

Website profile analysis

  • analysis of web content
  • analysis of Romanian competing websites
  • analysis of foreign websites (with the same profile)
  • identifying the most often used words in the search field
  • identifying the best channels to increase visibility
  • report on market positioning at this moment

Consulting telephone and online subscription period
* The subscription does not include payment to third parties
* The costs of these modules are separated by subscription